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Change Your Skin’s Density


Bid farewell to dark, dull skin, and purify your complexion from deep within with BEVY C.’s new- and – improved White Up series.


Fairness and flawlessness are qualities we usually associate with beautiful skin: But having fair skin alone is not enough. Truly healthy skin is not only clear and flawless, bit also brilliant and well moisturized.


Lasting Purity & Fairness  

Understanding this, BEVY C. goes beyond skin-deep to revitalize your complexion from deep within. The Taiwanese beauty brand’s White Up range is designed to activate your skin’s whitening DHA, to change your skin’s destiny of dark skin, dullness, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Made from a complex harvest of botanical extracts, the White Up formula contains natural organic ingredients and is designed with sensitive skins in mind, so you can trust it to enhance skin’s brilliance and fairness in three easy steps.


Brilliant, Youthful Skin

To awaken fairness, start with BEVY C.’s White Up Moisture Lotion, SGD $54 (130ml). With salix alba (white willow bark), it gently metabolizes skin, reduces melanin production and banishes dullness and dryness, while offering deep moisturization and refining pores.

Next, block melanin production further with the White Up essence, SGD $78 (30ml). It contains transexamic acid, ethyl ascorbic acid and Vitamin B3, which penetrate under the epidermis to disrupt melanin development, and minimize the pigmentation that cause unsightly spots.

Finally give your complexion a glossy lustre with the White Up Moisture Cream, SGD $61 (30g). This lightweight cream moisturizes your skin thoroughly, while doubling its antioxidant effects. With vitamin C glycoside, ethyl ascorbic acid and lepidium sativum sprout extract, it reduces pigmentation and enhances your skin’s translucency and natural glow.