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Solid Foundation



For a flawless and long-lasting makeup look, reach for BEVY C.’s collection of pre-makeup products that ensure your skin is smooth hydrated and shine-free.


If you skip out on a proper skincare routine before applying makeup, you could end up with patchy, uneven coverage that won’t last through the morning. BEYV C.’s Pre-Makeup Lumiwhite Collection gets your skin in tip-top shape, so your makeup, glides on evenly and stays put. The best part? The products are made with some of the world’s finest botanical extracts, so they’re super gentle and perfect for sensitive skin.


This four-step pre-makeup routine takes minute, but helps your makeup stay on all day






Lumiwhite Moist Up Lotion

Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir for Eyes & Lips

Lumiwhite Moist Up Elixir

Lumiwhite Moist Up Emulsion

The last thing you want is for your makeup to crack while you’re out and about so it’s important to ensure your skin is supple and well-hydrated. This lotion deeply moisturizes your skin, leaving it soft and luminous.

Under-eye wrinkles can be more obvious when concealer is applied, but this elixir combats that by moisturizing the eyes area. It also hydrates your lips so your lipstick goes on more smoothly.

Oil in your skin not only clogs your pores, but can also mess up your makeup. This elixir helps to up your skin’s moisture level and also controls oil to keep shine at bay.

This emulsion locks in moisture and protects your skin throughout the day. It also strengthens your skin’s natural protective barrier, shielding it from environmental damage.